Looking for an update about the latest color trends in interiors and design?

Due to its international acclaim, Milan Design Week is the best event where to spot the latest news and trends in interior and design. Taking on inspiration from Milan Sol Komfort Interiors are ready to give you a roundup of the top colors that will rock next year in interiors and design.

The main colour trends for 2019 spotted at Milan Design Week 2018, there were two main trends to note this year: first one is the wide using of bold colors, most of all primary hues such as bold yellow, reds and bold blues. Second one is the comeback of pastel colours, to be used instead of neutrals and of white., or in beautiful color combinations such as gradients and rainbow patterns.

#1  Gen-Z yellow: a vivid yellow that was one of the main colors of several settings in Milan, starting from Vitra Typecasting to Mindcraft, to name a few.

#2 Light green: also defined neo-mint , looks that this pastel hue of green will be the top trending colour for 2019

#3 International klein blue: a deep and bold hue of blue, an everlasting color which this year was really popular in several new designs presented at Milan Design Week

#4 Mango: a new color spotted this year in several settings (for example, there was a beautiful corner by Vitra in this color). It is a bright and warm hue of orange

#5 Millennial pink: still here and almost everywhere in Milan, but as it was really too much about pink we're quite sure it already had its moment this year. Much more interesting than pink, very soft hues of nude and peach, chosen by several designers in Milan in place of total white and neutrals

#6 curcuma & mustard yellow

#7 burgundy red

Everybody noticed that this Milan Design Week 2017 was all about color.

The big trend is to go more and more towards bright and strong shades. This return to color goes together with a return to the Eighties and its strong design and colour.

  1. In Milan here was pink everywhere, as already noticed in Maison et Objet here, especially in the barbie-like pink and in the “millennial pink“.

  2. Primary colors come back, especially red, the yellow (yes the Minion one), the blue (the klein blue).

  3. Then there are all the warm and earthy tones, but becoming brighter: from orange, a color, that we've seen a lot and that was incorporated in really nice ways.

  4. We loved the violet and dark turquoise match, which has been noticed several times: looks like we will see a lot of violet&purple in next times, right? 

  5. Lots of green as well, although the trend is to go from the dark and desaturated shades that we’ve seen a lot last year to more natural and vitaminic hues: there was no pantone 2017 greenery in Milan, but new interesting shades of sage, celery and avocado greens.

What are your thoughts on this? What is your favourite color proposal from Milan Design Week 2017?