Features: C45-65: Aluminium cassette 65 x 74mm with metal end plates and top-fix or face-fix brackets. A compact 24V DC motor is housed within a 28mm aluminium barrel to which the fabric is attached. The motor is controlled by a switch/transformer which may be surface or flush mounted. Fabric has a 12 x 42mm bottom bar, running in 55mm face or recessfix side channels. Studs fitted at edge of fabric to retain it within side channels. Black or white hardware as standard. C45-85: As C45-65 apart from: cassette size 85 x 97mm; top or face-fix brackets for cassette. Benefits: Fingertip control and a slim yet sturdy aluminium frame help this blind to lend an air of luxury to any environment. With the remote and/or group control option almost any control configuration can be achieved.


Options: Black or white hardware: WRemote and/or group control systems in place of single switch.
Specification: C45-65/85 cassetted blind
with side channels. Black/white aluminium cassette, side channels and bottom bar; with aluminium barrel and 24V DC motor controlled by switch/transformer. Or without side channels, C25-65/85. Black/white aluminium cassette, bottom bar; and sidewinder operation and 24V DC motor controlled by switch/transformer.
As manufactured by SK Systèmes. Flame retardant fabric/blackout fabric from the SK range.