Features: All hardware in black powdercoated aluminium with moulded black plastic fittings. Headbox 100 x 100mm, enclosing 53mm grooved aluminium barrel, with powerful 240v AC motor controlled by single switch. Blackout fabric with heavy-duty bottom bar, running in 75mm side channels. 75mm bottom channel with corner joints for positive attachment to side channels. Light-transfer baffles within side and bottom channels, and side channels and headbox fitted with pile-seal light sealing. All-round face or recess fitting with adjustable adaptor strips.


Benefits: A premium blackout unit with the luxury of fingertip electrical control. Many different control options are available including RF or infra-red remote, allowing the specifier to integrate the window blackout element
into an overall scheme of electrical control systems.
Options: White hardware; No bottom channel, with bottom bar running down to sill; Remote and/or group control systems.

Specification: C75 Blackout unit as manufactured by SK Systèmes . Black/white powder-coated aluminium headbox, side and bottom channels and bottom bar, with 240v AC electric operation. Flame retardant blackout fabric from from SK range


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