Features: Twin headbox unit for sloping or horizontal applications, with all hardware in black powder-coated aluminium with moulded black plastic fittings. Blackout fabric mounted on sprung 57mm aluminium barrel, with heavy-duty bottom bar running in 75mm side channels. Bottom bar attached to two drawtapes within side channels. These tapes are attached, between flanged guides, to the 53mm aluminium drive barrel, operated by gear control and crank handle (C76) or by 240v AC electric motor with switch (C77). Both barrels are enclosed by 100 x 100mm aluminium headboxes. Light-transfer baffles within side channels, and side channels and twin headboxes fitted with pile-seal light sealing. All-round face or recess fitting with adjustable adaptor strips.


Benefits: With heavy-duty components and a fabric roller with powerful spring tensioning, these units maybe confidently specified for any overhead applications.The C76 with optional detachable crank handle will solve the problem of unauthorised use, whilst the C77 motorised unit is available with a number of remote or group control options including RF and infrared. Options: White hardware; Detachable crank handle (C76); Remote and/or group control systems (C77).
Specification: C76 Crank operation / C77 Electric operation overhead blackout unit as manufactured by SK Systèmes  Black/white powder-coated aluminium twin headboxes, side channels and bottom bar. Flame retardant blackout fabric from SK range