Infection control One of the most important aspects of the hospital environment is infection control. It is now a major factor in the assessment of a hospital’s performance and rightly so, as any improvements in infection control can cause an immediate increase in the number of lives saved. And as risk of infection is reduced, the quality of life for patients is enhanced. SK disposable curtains should become an integral part of every hospital’s overall infection control strategy. A programme of regular replacement can be augmented by a policy of immediate change in any areas that have been exposed to high infection risk. Recyclable and anti-bacterial The curtains are manufactured from 100% recyclable polypropylene and are treated with Biosafe antibacterial formulation. It has proved to be extremely effective, in both in anti-microbial activity and in creating a zone of inhibition around the fabric. The test results are available on request. Enhanced quality of life for patients and staff Conventional curtains that have been through many wash cycles soon begin to look worn and tired. SK disposable curtains will always look fresh and new - because they are! The curtains are permanently pleated as part of the manufacturing process, which ensures that they will always stack neatly, and close to the wall, giving the ward a bright and orderly appearance at all times. DPL4 with Movaglide - the simple solution SK DPL4 disposable curtains with easy-load gliders are available from stock in four attractive colours as shown below, with a 2m curtain drop. Each curtain will fit a track length of up to 5.75m, and the curtains may be cut down in both width and drop. They are flame-retardant to BS5867 Part 21980 Type C. DPL3 with eyelets SK disposable curtains are also available with eyelets to fit existing cubicle track glider hooks. This version is stocked in sky blue only, and will fit almost all makes of glider hooks or roller hooks. All SK Curtains products are available through a nationwide network of distributors / customers, with experienced service teams providing an unrivalled level of support.