HELIOS is a ‘grown up’ roller blind system. At first glance it may not appear much different from other systems, and in principle it is not. In practice, though, HELIOS roller blinds cover windows that other Curtain walling glazing in officeblinds cannot cover.

This system has been engineered to stand up to the demands of commercial and institutional usage. Not only that, it can effortlessly shade areas as large as 16m2 in one blind.

Large expanses of glazing are increasingly common in commercial architecture and designers and owners of beautiful buildings don’t want to spoil the appearance with many small blinds. Besides aesthetics, it is also more economical to have fewer larger blinds and can bring user benefits too.

The blinds can be operated via side chain, crank handle or electric motor. HELIOS roller shades can also be coupled together to allow more than one shade to operate from the same drive. Crank handles can be detachable as an additional safety feature.

Motorisation gives the ultimate flexibility, with the options of simple switch operation, hand held remote control, or integration into BMS (building management software) control systems.

A wide range of fabrics can be combined with the HELIOSTM hardware. From fully opaque blackout fabrics, through to very sheer sunscreen fabrics, with many gradations in between, including reflective fabrics to help manage heat gain. All our fabrics are fire retardant. Ask us for advice on the best options for your particular application.