Many items may be converted to anti-lignature status by mounting them on Kestrel mounting plates. Available in three sizes, the plates are held vertically against the wall solely by the magnetic attraction of the Kestrel brackets hidden behind them.


K09AW 100 x 170mm, with 1 bracket. Suitable for toilet roll holders, etc.
K09BW 190 x 335mm, with 2 brackets. Suitable for soap dispensers, etc.
K09CW 370 x 470mm, with 2 brackets. Suitable for towel dispensers, etc.

Specification: Kestrel K09A/B/CW Mounting plates / K509/K509PW Toilet roll holders / K510 Soap dispensers / K511 Towel dispensers / K512PW Soap dishes / K513 Curtain hold-backs / K514 Shelf sets as manufactured by SK Systèmes, with Kestrel Magnetic Anti-Ligature System.