KURO is a blackout blind system, often also Brush seals help Kuro to achieve superior blackout referred to as a ‘room-darkening blind’ or a ‘dim-out’ blind.

In essence, it consists of a roller blind system enclosed within an aluminium cassette or ‘headbox’, complete with side channels. The addition of brush seals to the aluminium profiles stops virtually all light leakage around the perimeter of the roller blind. The blind fabric is itself blackout or ‘lightproof’.

The result is greatly enhanced light exclusion when compared to a standard roller blind system. Although a standard roller blind may still have blackout fabric, the amount of light that enters a room around the perimeter of the blind is quite significant. Often this leads to an uncomfortable or unsafe environment for viewing VDU screens, including desktop monitors, projector screens and interactive whiteboards.

12 year warranty

The blinds can be operated via side chain, crank handle or electric motor. Motorisation gives the ultimate flexibility, with the options of simple switch operation, hand held remote control, or integration into audio-visual or lighting control systems.