The free-running roller wheel curtain hooks of Movatrack 100 are a revelation to nursing staff who have grown accustomed to ordinary cubicle track systems. Even after years of use, curtains on Movatrack will be light and easy to draw, and will not jam, even on bends. Not only do nursing staff prefer the ease of use and dependability of Movatrack 100 - many installers would rather fit Movatrack than any other track. Its simple and elegant design is not only easy and quick to install - it is also more satisfying. The rigid track section does not flex or sag, and the ability to span 3m means that ceiling suspension points are reduced to a minimum. The die-cast aluminium wall shoes hold the track securely and safely, whilst the slim and effective aluminium suspension hangers exceed NHS strength requirements. Movatrack fully complies with the requirements of HTM66. Every track is fitted with a unique press-slide curtain removal point allowing curtains to be removed swiftly, complete with hooks. This reduces maintenance time and improves infection control: no tedious track height unhooking of soiled curtains. Standard bend radius is 300mm, and gradual curves may be manufactured to any required radius. Options White powder-coated or silver anodised finish. BioSafe anti bacterial coating (white track only). Any RAL colour to order. Cubicle numbering system. Cubicle track uplighters fixed to top of track. Stainless steel roller hooks or rings in place of standard roller hook or more details.


Specification: Movatrack 100 cubicle track system as supplied by SK Systèmes. Aluminium track with white powder-coated/silver anodised finish, and including all necessary fittings. Each cubicle track to be fitted with a press-slide curtain removal point, and roller wheel curtain hooks at 10 per metre. Layout as shown on accompanying drawings