Heavy duty ceiling mounted track in white powder-coated aluminium Heavy duty self-locking wheeled trolleys Five point telescopic carrier trees Pump carriers for syringe and infusion pumps Cable management option It is becoming increasingly important that the area around ahospital bed should be as uncluttered as possible. It is now accepted that the patients’ quality of life can have a direct bearing on recovery time, and the perceived intrusiveness of medical equipment may be a contributory factor. The benefit of IV200 is not only that drip bags and equipment are taken off the floor, but that they are suspended from an overhead track. IV provision can be kept discreetly aside, without taking up valuable floor space, yet it is always available to be moved into position when required. IV200 track is a very strong and rigid aluminium extrusion with a white powder-coated finish. It is usually fixed directly to the ceiling, although it may be suspended if the ceiling height is over 3m. Locking trolleys run smoothly and quietly within the track section on tough nylon wheels. When a carrier tree or pump carrier is suspended from a locking trolley, the trolley will automatically lock into position on the track to prevent accidental movement. Carrier trees are available in four sizes to suit a range of track heights. All are telescopic, with simple release adjustment for accurate height control of the five stainless steel hooks. Pump carriers have a 20mm diameter pole to which syringe and infusion pumps may be clamped. They can be used alone for syringe pumps, or positioned alongside a carrier tree for infusion use, and with a load capacity of 30kg will take up to four pumps with ease. The optional pump carrier with power supply solves the problem of cable management, with an NHS specification supply cable attached to the top of the pump carrier and across to the wall at ceiling height.


Specification: Movatrack IV400 Overhead intravenous track systems as supplied by SK Systemes  Extruded aluminium track with white powder-coated finish to be suspended (at 2.1m above floor level or as specified) in accordance with manufacturers instructions. 2-point carriers to be suspended from track on nylon runners.


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