ORBIS roller blinds are the baby of the family. True to character, their sweet looks and small size allow them get into places that other blinds either wouldn’t fit, or would look very out of place.

This is a cassetted roller shade system, featuring a one-piece aluminium cassette only 60x55mm in section. Not only does this make for a very neat appearance, but it also provides improved safety and hygiene as the fabric roll and mechanism are concealed and protected.

ORBIS blinds are particularly at home on small windows, doors, vision panels, small skylights, caravan windows, etc.

Simple side channels can be added to improve light exclusion if required.

The blinds can be operated via side chain, tension cord or low-voltage motor. The tension corded model is specially suited to doors, tilt & turn windows and skylights, and is simply operated by hand.

A wide range of fabrics can be combined with the ORBISTM hardware. From fully opaque blackout fabrics, through to very sheer sunscreen fabrics, with many gradations in between, including reflective fabrics to help manage heat gain. All our fabrics are fire retardant. Ask us for advice on the best options for your particular application.