Features: Heavy-duty white plastic covered / metal brackets for face or top fixing, with 53 or 60mm grooved aluminium barrel. Fabric is located in the groove in such a way that, although it cannot be pulled out it may be slid out sideways for repair or replacement. A compact but very strong gear control is bolted to one of the brackets and is operated by a fixed crank handle. Tear Drop white aluminium bottom bar as standard. Benefits: Our strongest manual control blind. Every component is built to cope, and built to last. The removable crank option means that the blind cannot be tampered with by unauthorised personnel. Ideal where a large blind size is required, or vandal-resistance is a priority. Options: Detachable crank handle; Fully fabric covered bottom bar; alternative bottom bars including fabric covered aluminium and Tear Drop aluminium in black or silver; Plastic bottom bar; Wire side-guiding system; Turnbutton tag.


Specification: R54 Heavy duty crank operated roller blind as manufactured by SK Systèmes. Flame retardant fabric from the SK range, located in grooved aluminium barrel. Heavy duty gear control with crank handle.


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