Features: 45 x 36.5mm white aluminium headrail with top-fix brackets and wheeled carrier trucks. The constant transport of the louvres is guaranteed by a precise aluminium spindle shaft. Fixed crank operation with built in slip clutch for both louvre tilt and draw. 127mm/89mm louvres with enclosed weights or conventional pockets and white stabilising chain. Benefits: The VL64 offers the ease of mono control – a comfortable change gear to ensure the continuous transport and automatically switches from tilting to traversing. By turning the crank handle the louvres tilt and then traverse. The strong headrail and wheeled carrier trucks are designed to withstand the rigours of intensive use, whilst the ingenious mechanism allows precise control of light transmission. A long-lasting blind, delightfully simple to operate. Options: VL64S sloping headrail versions; Face fix brackets; Extension brackets; Enclosed weights; Detachable crank.


Specification: VL64 vertical blind as manufactured by SK Systems. 45 x 36.5mm white headrail with crank operation mono control. 127/89mm louvres in flame-retardant fabric from the SK range, complete with louvre enclosed weights or conventional pockets and white stablilising chain.