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Sol Komfort Manufacture and Installs a wide range of anti-ligature products from vertical blinds and cubical tracking in hospitals and health care facilities across the UK.

Roller Blind Systems

SKKR20 Sidewinder - 

SKKR20C Crank - 

SKKR20S Braked Spring - 

Vertical Blind Systems

SKKVL31 Premium Wand - 

SKKVL64 Crank Mono Control - 

Cubical Track Systems

SKK100 Cubical Track - 

SKK100 Shower Track - 

Window Track Systems

SKK6200 Window Curtain Track - 

SKK2500 Reduced-Ligature Fixed Curtain Track - 

SKK9500 Flexible Window Curtain Track - 

Anti-Ligature Accessories

Technical Specification for all products listed below - 

SKK508 Flexible Coat Hook

SKK08 Fixed Mounting Plates

SKK516 Wipe Board

SKK515 Polycarbonate Mirror

SKK509 Mounting Plates

SKK511 Paper Towel Dispenser

SKK510PW Soap Dispenser

SKK510 Soap Dispenser

SKK509PW Toilet Roll Holder

SKK514 Shelf Set

SKK505PW Shower Head Holder 

SKK504 Towel Rail

SKK503 Wardrobe Rail

SKK512PW Soap Dish

Anti-Ligature SafeArt

SK Safe Art -

Anti-Ligature SafeDoor

SK Safe Door -

SK Safe Door 2 - 

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