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Cassette and Blackout Blinds

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SK cassette blinds give a smooth contemporary style to
any window, and help to protect the blind fabric from dust
or damage. The C2 cassettes are simply pleasing and
the modern alternative to standard roller blinds, whilst the C4
includes attractive aluminium side channels to complement
the cassette.


These help to retain the fabric in position,
and will also give a degree of light exclusion when used in
conjunction with blackout fabric. SK cassette blinds are
available in four cassette sizes, with a choice of
sidewinder, slow-rise spring, geared crank or motorised

Cassette and Blackout Blind Owner and Operation Manuals

SKC20 -                   SKC22 -                    SKC24 -                    SKC25 -                    SKC27 -                    SKC29 - 

(Chain)                     (Spring)                    (Crank)                      (Electric)                (Electric230v)                (Electric7.4v)

SKC40 -                   SKC42 -                    SKC44 -                    SKC45 -                      SKC47 -                   SKC49 -

(HeavyChain)             (HeavySpring)              (HeavyCrank)              (HeavyElectric)                (Electric230v)              (Electric7.4v)

SKC56T -                 SKC57T -                   SK Tracker Fabric Retaining System               

(OverheadCrank)      (OverheadElectric)                               

SKC74 -                    SKC75 -                    SKC76 -                    SKC77 -

(BlackoutCrank)          (BlackoutElectric)          (BlackoutCrank)              (BlackoutElectric)

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