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Vertical Blinds

View the full SK Verticals Brochure here - 

All SK blinds are carefully built to exacting standards, to
give years of trouble-free service. The superior design
features and quality components enable them to be
confidently specified for the most demanding applications.
SK blinds are designed for intensive use and are
frequently to be seen in busy public areas such as
hospitals and schools, as well as commercial and
residential environments.

The SK vertical blind programme is one of the most
comprehensive available, ranging from slim premium
profiled units to heavy-duty electrically controlled blinds.

The SK fabrics programme encompasses a vast range
of fabrics, all of which are flame-retardant to government
standards. Fabric types include dim-out, black-out, solar
reflective, sunscreen and solar film.

Vertical Blinds Owner and Operation Manuals

SKVL30 -                  SKVL31 -               SKVL60 -                 SKVL64 -                   SKVL65 -       

(Chain)                     (Wand)                   (Chain)                    (Crank)                      (Electric)

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