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Roller Blinds

All SK blinds are carefully built to exacting standards,
giving years of trouble-free service. The superior design
features and quality components enable them to be
confidently specified for the most demanding

The SK roller blind programme is one of the most
comprehensive available, ranging from miniature spring
rollers for door vision panels to heavy-duty electric blinds
for large glazed areas

Full SK Roller Brochure -  

Roller blind Owner and Operation Manuals.

SKR20 -                     SKR20B -                    SKR20C  -                    SKR20D -                    SKR20M - 

(Chain)                     (LowV Electric)                (Heavy Crank)                 (Double Chain)                  (HighV Electric)                

SKR20S -                   SKR20W -                   SKR26 -                        SKR40 -                      SKR54 - 

 (Spring)                    (Light Crank)               (OverheadCord)                 (Geared Chain)                (Heavy Chain)

SKR55 -                      SKR56 -                       SKR57 -                          SK Side Wiring System - 

(HeavyD Electric )        (Overhead Crank)                (Overhead Electric)

SK Channel Side-Guiding System -                         Laser Blinds - 

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