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SK Insect Screens

All SK insect screens are carefully built to exacting
standards, giving years of trouble-free service.
The superior design features and quality components
enable them to be confidently specified for the most
demanding environments.

The provision of insect screens at door and window
openings is a legal requirement in areas where food is
prepared for public consumption, such as restaurants,
works canteens, schools, hospitals and all public buildings.
SK screens comply with the relevant Health and Safety
regulations, and all frame sections are manufactured from
hygienic white powder-coated aluminium extrusions. The
PVC coated glass fibre mesh is rot-proof and

View the full SK Insect Screen Brochure here - 

SK Insect Screen Owners and Operation Manuals

SKF30 -                       SKF32 -                        SKF40 / 40D -                       

(Chain)                        (Spring)                   (Single/Double Door)                            

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